More importantly, is there a wrong time for a rebrand?

Over the years, we have consistently reminded clients and partners that their brand is a promise. A brand communicates who a company is, what they do, and what customers can expect.

Facebook recently made the jump to Meta. Say what you will about the name or mark, it is timing that poses the most immediate threat to Zuckerberg’s new brand. The CEO explained that the new company name encompasses everything that the company does. The only problem is that with its primary revenues coming from social media, Meta is only a paper-thin mask for Facebook. Zuckerberg has built a new brand around products or services that may or may not be viable this decade, and with trust in Facebook already plummeting, this proverbial cart-before-the-horse scenario will likely sow more distrust.

Allow us to help you determine if now is the right time for a rebrand.

For a one-time investment, we will analyze each element of your brand, deliver a written report with actionable steps, and go over it with you in a 90-minute meeting.