Explore, direct, rejuvenate: Helping a web agency find a bold, new rhythm.

Metronome is a full-service website and app development agency that focuses on giving brands a bold and unique online presence. Unfortunately, their brand wasn’t singing the same lively song that their work promised to their customers, and as a result of this disconnect, they were losing market share.

Intentionality was the word at the forefront of our minds during this entire project.

We began by exploring photographs of actual metronomes, which were then broken down into their most simplified form, leading us to further refine our focus on the pendulum and sliding weight components. The typesetting was paramount in creating rhythm and harmony in the design; by increasing the tracking, the design synthesized the ideas of time, space, and movement.

Unlike many development agencies, whose brands tend to focus on digital imagery and technical messaging, the Metronome brand focuses on playful, almost tactile images of sound audio technology. These energetic visual elements add a sense of fun and vivacity to the brand—setting it apart from the crowd.

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