Decoding, reshaping, uniting: Unveiling a new perspective for an industry-leading anesthesia practice.

Anesthesia Associates of Medford, a renowned physician-only practice with almost fifty years of excellence throughout the Pacific Northwest, approached us because they were poised to grow but needed help to recruit top-tier candidates. However, we soon discovered that their primary need was clarity. We collaborated with their team to uncover their unique value proposition and develop a clear strategy that resulted in a new visual identity and name change. Thus, Southern Oregon Anesthesia was born — a name that genuinely encapsulates the region and aligns with a timeless visual identity that exudes refined quality and local charm.

To create a recruitment campaign that would attract top talent, we strategically crafted two synchronous positions for Southern Oregon Anesthesia — Recruitment and Care.

“Elevating group practice experience” emphasized work environment and growth opportunities, while “elevated anesthesia services” emphasized exceptional quality of care.

The Southern Oregon Anesthesia brand mark, referred to as the Arbutus, harmoniously combines organic form and structure.

The Arbutus logo for Southern Oregon Anesthesia, inspired by the native Pacific Northwest tree, symbolizes strength and resilience while emphasizing the natural surroundings of Southern Oregon. The upward angle of the triangle within the design gives the logo a sense of stability, power, and equality, while the use of organic forms and shapes further highlights the connection to nature.

We aimed to create a harmonious combination of imagery and color that would capture the essence of the region and the expertise of Southern Oregon Anesthesia.

The legacy of Southern Oregon was a crucial factor in developing the color palette and photography for the new brand identity. We divided the photography into four distinct groups to better convey the story of the region and showcase the services provided by SOA. The color palette was carefully curated to complement the region and the medical industry, with blue being a benchmark color in healthcare branding. In keeping with the theme of transparency, which reflects the cascading elements of the region, we created specific gradients that blend color and transparency seamlessly, providing a soothing visual experience for the audience.

By creating a new name, visual identity, messaging strategy, and synchronous positions, SOA is poised to attract top talent and elevate its anesthesia services to patients. The new brand identity reflects the strength, resilience, and natural surroundings of Southern Oregon, while the color palette and photography evoke empathy and expertise. By aligning the language and messaging to the target audience, we were able to create a cohesive brand story that resonates with the community, patients, and medical professionals alike. 

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