Stories are powerful. They help to understand the world around us, they shape our perceptions of businesses, and they can even alter consumer behavior.

Case and point. Avocados have not always been considered a health-food staple. In fact, they were actually referred to as “Alligator Pear” and even banned from being imported.

It’s true. You can thank the California Grower’s Association and their petition to rename the fruit and position it as a healthy treat for the fact that you can grab one at your local grocery store.

Yes, stories are powerful.

Is your business telling the right story, or are you trying to sling “Alligator Pears?”

Whether you are actively seeking to build a strong brand identity or ignoring it altogether, you are still presenting an image to your Customer that will affect their experience. If you leave your brand identity to chance, you lose the opportunity to shape the narrative.

Bottom Line

Bad branding will cost you.

The good news: We can help.

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