Streamline, modernize, expand: Preparing a local hero for the online stage.

Styles in Motion is a dancewear boutique located in Las Cruces, New Mexico. As a local business with a long-standing history in the area, the brand had found considerable success within the brick-and-mortar market. However, the push of other, non-local ecommerce-based competitors had resulted in a loss of market share.

Styles in Motion wanted to extend their reach, updating and modernizing their website and materials to reflect their expertise and experience in dancewear.

Refinement by design.

We knew that it was important to echo the individualized care and attention that the owner of Styles in Motion brought to her store in every element of the brand, from the delicate color story and evocative photography to the updated logo.

The figure itself is a stylized representation of the owner, and even makes use of a small beauty mark on her right side to humanize the dancer, removing a sense of complete symmetry, and bringing a level of specificity to the design.

“Although I felt like my customers already knew me from the over 16 years of business in our community, David Masters Group made me realize that there was more of my story to be told. They worked with me in the same manner that I prefer to interact with the customers I service—they cultivated a relationship with me that is built on trust.”


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