Center, lift, velocitize: Highlighting an award-winning supplement company.

NatureWise is an award-winning supplement brand. To unveil its new ashwagandha-infused energy drink, the brand set its sights on the New Hope Network 2018 Expo West event. We received the hefty challenge of developing a world-class booth to present the brand-new product line with less than three weeks to work.

Our team set to work to create a fun, approachable, but most of all memorable brand. Because of the energetic hand gesture illustrations on the cans, we were encouraged to utilize a high-five image to tie the entire line together and emphasize the five flavors.

We coined the phrase “The High-Five to Green Energy,” which became the mantra for the whole drink line.
Wordplay was central to the experience of our booth.

To help enhance familiarity with ashwagandha in a fun way, we created “Shwag,” a play on the term swag, commonly used to describe promotional items. By placing the phrase “THIS IS A-SCHWAG-AND-HA” in front of familiar items like bags, stickers, or buttons, we facilitated memorable wordplay with our visitors and educated them about our favorite new adaptogenic herb.

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