Restore, boost, embolden: Rediscovering the hidden strength of an armor company.

When we first met Ballistic Armor Co., they were experiencing some growing pains.

A change in ownership had left them struggling to gain traction with their previous brand, which lacked consistency and unity, and made scalability difficult. The new owner’s vision for the brand didn’t fit with the previous, shoestring marketing budget, which had been created without proper market analysis or a clear brand vision, and they were struggling to carve out a place for themselves in the market.

In short, they needed to stand out.

Our proposed solution was to completely reimagine the brand and its voice from the ground up. For a military-grade armor company, we felt the brand lacked a certain level of grit that its products had naturally.
To communicate this grit and fortitude, we coined the phrase, “Brave the Assault,” and created a brand system that was grittier, tougher, and ready to brave the competition.​​​​​​​

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