Deconstruct, reconstruct, connect: Bringing clarity to an uncompromising institution.

Pacific Bible College approached us to help them tell their story in a more impactful way. When we met, they had already spent countless resources, broadcasting a “local, affordable, and accredited” message across marketing and outreach channels, a statement they thought their potential students would gladly receive. However, during our deep dive session, after learning the heart of their team, grasping their institution’s rigor, and understanding their students’ hearts, it became clear that Pacific Bible College was so much more than it claimed to be. They only needed help telling their story.  

We worked with students, faculty, and staff to determine their value propositions, which collectively pointed to an updated brand position.

“For intrepid individuals, Pacific Bible College provides an uncompromising, Christ-centered higher education experience because Pacific Bible College balances missional purpose and stimulating environment with formative leadership and community to provide students an advantageous quality of education.”

During our Dig phase, we unearthed olive branches and archways as powerful visual metaphors reaffirming the college’s new position. The olive tree has been considered advantageous for centuries, symbolizing peace and friendship. Our research was validated when we discovered the historic stained-glass archways on the college’s newly renovated building. The church began using stained glass in its architecture around the 7th century to educate visitors who could not read by allowing a visual experience of the Gospel.

Additionally, we considered the importance of an Alumni program. After all, why do students attend college if not to go out and apply what they have gained? For the Christian, we saw this as being sent forth. Just as Noah sent out the dove from the ark, Pacific Bible College sends out students to proclaim the truth. The dove is in flight, breaking the plane of the central circle to denote movement. Centered below the dove, at the base of the outer ring, is the Latin phrase missus in veritate, which translates to “sent forth in truth.”

The goal of our work is to bring clarity to great stories. Sometimes this is accomplished through pictures, sometimes through words, but it is always with integrity.

Perhaps the most significant testament to the Pacific Bible College project was from their President, Mike Robinson, who said,

“The branding process and work done by David Masters Group will change how we market and see ourselves. The impact includes our Admissions requirements, assessment process, and program objectives.”

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