Define, expound, refresh: Helping a name badge company live up to the reputation of its products.

nicebadge is a regional leader in the name badge industry—a title earned through years of building a reputation based on quality, timely, expert work. Unfortunately, at first glance, their old brand might not have told you this.

nicebadge needed a brand strategy that better reflected their core attributes, and that solidified their position as “makers of the world’s nicest name badges.”

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Our aim with nicebadge photography was to emphasize the quality and elegance of nicebadge items, emphasizing the beauty and significance of a seemingly “mundane” item like a name badge, and elevating them to be seen as individual “pieces” rather than “products.”​​​​​​​

“For nicebadge, experience was a value proposition.”

The result was an elevated, enhanced brand—one that was once more in touch with the key tenets of its identity, and ready to put its best foot forward in front of its customers.

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