With the advances in modern technology, artificial intelligence sure has taken the internet by storm. It appears that everywhere we look, there is an AI assistant or AI feature right there to assist us in any way that we need. With the help of AI, we have the ability to search the entirety of the internet, create art, decipher data, and even have real-time back-and-forth conversations through various AI platforms. The capabilities of this technology seem endless as well as useful, so why are so many of us resistant to this new technological change?  With the world changing all around us, perhaps it is time that we find out what value AI brings to us or our business and if it will be a value that we find beneficial.

The idea of artificial intelligence began as far back as the 1950’s when computers took up an entire room, yet lacked any storage capabilities.Through on-screen adventures like A Space Oddysey and Star Trek we were introduced to the far-fetched ideas of human robots and even touch based computer consoles. Six decades later, we all carry actual touch screen computers in our pockets and can ask our AI friend Siri to find us the answer to any question within seconds. What we once thought of as a fantasy has become our reality. As we learned from Captain Picard on Star Trek, “Things are only impossible until they’re not.”.

AI has the power to eliminate tasks that we do not want to do or simply do not have the time for. With the ability to scan the entirety of the internet in a fraction of the time, it cuts back on how long it takes to search out information, analyze labs, synthesize data, and even scan for security threats. Newer AI tools such as Midjourney and DreamUp have even gone as far as to create published artwork. The frustrations that come from having to search out endless information on our own can be overwhelming, and these newer tools are a great way to eliminate that frustration. They personalize our searches and even learn our shopping habits. In fact, the “skills” that AI possesses fueled 20% of the media and advertising growth in 2022. AI has the ability to improve the customer experience and in turn lead to better online performance. AI has the ability to predict market trends which allows companies to respond effectively, improving the overall results of their personal growth and success.

Despite how much we try, a machine is still a machine, and there is a trade-off between creativity and accuracy.

The benefits of AI are astounding. However, regardless of how advanced technology has become, humans are still essential to AI’s function. In order for AI to have a “human-like” persona, it is imperative that it receives our feedback. Without us as a resource, there would not be enough data for it to function effectively. If data is limited, the capabilities of the program will be limited as well. Despite how much we try, a machine is still a machine, and there is a trade-off between creativity and accuracy. The lack of natural emotion and connection will always be one of the biggest drawbacks for many consumers. Humans add the emotion, voice, and creativity that a machine never could. We have the ability to jump into action and utilize on-the-spot thinking in a way that machines are not capable of. Although AI has improved a great deal throughout the years and will continue to do so, there will always be some places where human connection just cannot be substituted. Learning from the past and dreaming towards the future is what makes all these advancements possible. If we have learned anything from Star Trek, we have to explore the unknown to see what’s out there, so “Beam me up Scotty”!

The bottom line is artificial intelligence has changed the way we move through the world. It has changed the way we buy, sell, market, design, and even search for jobs. It has created an efficiency that was not there prior to its conception, and as technology continues to advance, the capabilities of the platforms do as well. As we continue to educate ourselves on the potential that exists within AI, we can see the countless ways in which it makes our lives easier. There seems to be little argument that when it comes to analyzing data, searching the web, or explaining lab results, AI is an excellent choice. It is pretty amazing that we have been able to teach machines to be “human-like”, and it will be really interesting to see what they teach them to do next. But machines are still only machines and can never fully take the place of a person. When it comes to intuition, creativity, imagination, and relationship building, a human is the only one who can fulfill our needs. 

The future is changing. We have many choices when it comes to how we grow our businesses, but how you decide to do that is up to you. 

When you want to rebrand your company, you can decide for yourself if machine-powered technologies or human fueled technologies fit your needs better. The information available to us can seem overwhelming, but choosing a dedicated team like ours provides you with someone who is in it for the long haul. We listen to who you are and create with you. I would like to see a machine do that! We want to build a relationship, not a transaction. There is a place in the market for all technologies, and thankfully, there is a way for them all to accomplish their goals side by side. Companies can decide for themselves if these emerging technologies benefit them and their businesses. The future is changing. We have many choices when it comes to how we grow our businesses, but how you decide to do that is up to you. Welcome to the future!

PSA: This message was brought to you by HI (Human Intelligence) ;)