We all want to leave a mark, inspire those around us, be REMEMBERED! The products we create are just the beginning, but who we are, is the story that will become our legacy. That is where branding comes in. A company’s brand is synonymous with who a company is and how they present themselves. Are they authentic, approachable, relatable, and likable? Will they be remembered? Creating an iconic brand will establish who you are within your industry and lay a foundation for the customer loyalty that every company aspires to have. But how does one achieve branding that compels customers to keep coming back for more? With a few tips on how to begin that process, and what to look for in a branding partner, you will be on your way in no time.

In order to establish an effective branding strategy, you first must know who your company is and who you are marketing it towards. What is your purpose? What is the heart behind your business? Staying in touch with your roots is a great way to invite your customers along the journey and establish trust with them.

Make promises that you deliver on. What specific value or experience will you bring to market, and what is your motivation behind that promise? What do you want your customers to feel throughout their experience? Have a powerful brand message that is clear and concise. A well-defined brand is well-focused, allowing your customers to have a solid understanding of who you are, your values, and what sets you apart. As in all relationships, communication is key!

Who you are is also HOW you are. The way you interact with your customers and form relationships is crucial. It adds a “personality” to your brand. Your personality is the language you use and the visuals that make you stand out. When creating the characteristics of your brand’s personality, remember the audience you are trying to attract.

Key Points

Once you have discovered the identity of your brand, next it is time to search for a branding partner. When beginning this search, it is essential to focus on a few key points:

  1. Check their Portfolios. Is there diversity, innovation, and creativity? Do they have a proven track record of success?
  2. Knowledge where it counts. Having Industry expertise is beneficial, but showing that they have sound knowledge of your industry is vital to successful branding or rebranding. How will they set you apart from your competitors? Do they know current market trends? Are they able to fulfill your branding needs?
  3. Chemistry! Chemistry! Chemistry! A branding agency, group, or consultant is an extension of your team. Do they share similar values? Are they collaborative? Proactive? Innovative? And as Andy Garcia said, “I think good chemistry starts with mutual respect.”.
  4. Check their Process. Find out how the agency works before teaming up. What steps do they take in their design process? What tools do they use? Do they follow and meet all of their deadlines? What research methods do they have? After assessing their way of doing things, determine if you will work well together.
  5. Pricing: It does matter, but of course, you CAN get what you pay for too! Make sure to discuss payment schedules and revisions upfront. When discussing payment ahead of time, typically, there are fewer surprises along the way. Pricing can vary greatly, and while branding on a budget seems ideal at first, in the end, an investment in your brand should be worth the investment!

Build a Legacy. Not a Quick Fix.

Many Branding partners focus on short-term success which has its benefits; however, teams such as ours, value more than a quick fix. We offer a long-term client relationship that focuses on creative collaboration every step of the way, from conception to launch. Creating great products will bring customers in, but creating a brand legacy inspires customer loyalty. The first step towards achieving that goal is having the right team to dream that vision alongside you. So, let’s dream with one another and make your mark as we share your story with the world.

What will your legacy be?