Reposition, rename, rebrand: Re-imagining a local icon from the ground up.

In 2018, the pub formerly known as The Rogue Growler approached us with a problem: they were losing market share, and fast. What was once a favorite local haunt was quickly becoming one of many up-and-coming pubs vying for dominance in an increasingly crowded market.

We told the pub owners that in order to truly stand out, they would need to completely re-imagine their brand strategy, beginning with a new name and culminating in a strong visual language that told their story in a bold, compelling way.

The result was a new brand reflective of the unique experience offered at this local watering hole.

After the rebrand, the business saw a 24% sales hike, which continues to climb month over month. This is higher than the projected goal of 20% that was set at the project onset.

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