Style guide. 



HEX: #000000
RGB: 0, 0, 0
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 100

Black is the primary shade of the David Masters Group brand. It may be used across all touch points—print and digital. It should is the primary type color and is also suitable for color field usage.


HEX: #8c8c8c
RGB: 140, 140, 140
CMYK: 47, 39, 40, 3

Gray is permissible in color fields, but should not be used in typesetting except in rare cases.


HEX: #be5c2d
RGB: 190, 92, 45
CMYK: 19, 74, 96, 7

Orange is acceptable for CTA buttons and color fields. The color is an accent and should be used sparingly to form a more dynamic design.


So what’s with the charcoal?

Glad you asked. We use charcoal as a metaphor for our process of building Remarkable Brands.

In many ways constructing a brand is similar to the process of producing charcoal. You begin with something common—a raw, organic material like wood—which you set ablaze, burning off impurities and volatile material until you are left with something that will leave a mark.

Appropriate charcoal imagery is available for download here.


Charcoal leaves a mark.

The David Masters Group will utilize mark-making as a visual signifier to point towards a metaphorical impact attributed to branding.

These hand-drawn textures are available for download here.


Acumin Variable Concept Condensed Bold is Perfect for Headlines.

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6

Gelasio Regular should be used for website body copy.

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“A pull quote may look like this.”
A CTA Should Look Like This